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Our history…

R.C. International of Cascia Rolando was born on October 26th, 2001 when the owner decided to take advantage of his vast experience gained as a lathe operator in order to undertake an independent business venture together with his son Andrea.


They began by renting a 500 square metre warehouse and buying used, not working “traditional cam-type” machines (automatic mechanical lathes) from scrap dealers, which they managed to restore and operate.

In 2003 they are already able to acquire a leased warehouse and the first automatic CNC lathe. New this time!

The positive trend continued during 2004, with a further increase in turnover, which was also confirmed in 2005 thanks to the arrival of new customers and the consolidation of existing ones.

The purchase of a new CNC Swiss type lathe with 7 controlled axes enables the creation of products that are increasingly complex and diverse, thereby allowing them to supply important Italian hardware factories and to shift the customer base from local to national.

In 2006, the turnover increased further thanks to new customers and the owners then decided to install another CNC lathe with a diameter 60mm bar passage and with radial driven tools in order to meet the diversified demands arriving from many different industrial sectors: furniture, thermo-sanitary, automotive, etc.

In 2008 they decided to buy their first bar transfer CNC machine. A lathe born for the automotive industry, and used for the production of threaded sleeves, allowed them to qualify as suppliers specialised in threaded products.

Thanks to the experience gained with the first transfer machine, in 2009 the owner and his son worked with the manufacturer in order to design a new version of the transfer machine, improving its performance.

The collaboration ended with the purchase of the boosted machinery. In this way, the production capacity increased significantly and the customer base became “international”, as they had begun to supply major customers in the thermo-sanitary sector both in Europe and beyond.

2010 is officially RC International’s internationalisation year, thanks to the participation as an exhibitor at the Wire & Tube 2010 fair in Dusseldorf, the most important world fair of piping.

This experience allowed us to establish contacts with important European and Extra-European companies, potential customers and suppliers.

The year also saw the acquisition of another bar transfer lathe and another multi-axis CNC lathe, in order to respond to the increase in orders from new customers.

In 2011 an additional 2 CNC lathes with 80 mm bar passage for machining larger diameters were purchased so as to further strengthen the fleet, increasingly aiming to specialise in turning and threading, both of pipes and bars.

In 2012, the excellent results achieved thanks to the participation in the Wire & Tube 2012 exhibition in Düsseldorf prompted the owners to buy another transfer CNC lathe of new generation.

In 2013 the machine fleet was enriched by yet another 70mm diameter bar passage CNC lathe with driven tools and counter spindle which allowed us to machine increasingly complex products, including milling.

In 2014 the company bought two Mori Seiki and Okuma CNC lathes.

In 2015 we have begun the expansion of the warehouse and … the adventure continues!


RC International - Automatic turning



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