Threaded Pipes and Special Parts

Quality Policy

R.C. International intends to achieve the following objectives through a system of Quality Management conforming to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

  • Locate and Satisfy present and future customer demands, needs and expectations, through an open dialogue and the information collected, in compliance with national and international regulations.
  • Production of small turned parts under continuous control, with advanced machinery and calibrated measuring instruments, in full respect of the principles of quality set out in this policy.
  • Specialize our production in the turning of bars or tubes of various sizes, metal (steel, aluminum, brass, steel, etc.) and plastic materials (PVC, Derlyn, nylon, Teflon), creating customised prts.
  • Provide the customers with the most complex parts, at competitive prices, through the use of multi-axis CNC lathes, which allow us excellent levels of productivity and high production capacities.
  • Flexibility and versatility to market needs, thanks to our large warehouse which allows to meet quickly our customers needs.
  • Assure customers continuous products and services improvement, minimizing errors of daily practice, of defects and non-compliance, obtained by implementing formal procedures aimed at control of all business processes.
  • Ensure that internal staff possesses the necessary qualifications, experience and ability to perform their duties in an excellent manner, constantly giving priority to aspects of quality, safety and cooperation. Convinced that only such behavior assures the effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility of the entire organization.
  • Ensure that external organizations that provide to us products and services, are properly qualified and are able to collaborate on continuous improvement.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction through tools that allow the collection and interpretation of data useful for the improvement of the offered services.
  • Guarantee all workers a safe and controlled working environment in accordance with current regulations and in full implementation of prevention and protection measures outlined in the Risk Assessment Document.


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